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Rabbit village/citadel


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Hi guys,


after about 20 attempts now, is there any trick for the "defending the fence" objective? For me it is kinda strange because the fight goes on like forever and at one point there are about 8 enemies spawning at once and because my weapons seems not strong enough, the fence gets destroyed every time before i can kill all of them. Also the shield guys seem to have no weakpoint as long as you are not shooting with the loaded blaster shot to destroy the shield. Normal blasts seem not to work for me on the shields? Is this some kind of bug or am i doing something wrong here?

Kind regards,

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I keep a mine at the door after the 3rd wave. Try to kill enemies as they spawn to the north with charge shots (save your flamethrower for the large moles).


For shielded enemies, charge your rifle & fire as they're attacking you; they'll momentarily lower their shield while attacking. 

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