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god of war 3 audio broke


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was playing god of war 3 today and during a cut scene the character dialogue disappeared. any idea how to get it back. the music and sound effects r still there just no voices. tried turning the sub-titles on but the just blink across the screen if they show up at all. plz be specific in ur answers as im not the most tech savvy guy on the web, but can follow directions no problem lol. thx

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Great game you have there btw! GOW3 was one of my favourite PS3 title of ALL time. Ranks amongst TOP 5.


Anyway, back to your query  :) 

have some question to you, Sir.


i. Is this the only game you experience such.? (during cut scenes or even gameplay)

ii. After you DELETE the DATA File and installed back in. Did you do some update.? (Patch from STMS are usually automatic)

iii. Btw, which PS3 model you are using.? fat version.? or 2009 Slim model onwards.?

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