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How hard is this?


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22 minutes ago, Flubberwunked said:

The game is really short. It'll take you around an hour and a half or 2 hours for a 100% run and around 40 minutes for a speedrun. The difficulty at first is really hard and you'll often find yourself dying in really cheap ways. Your invincibility frames after getting hit are EXTREMELY short, so your health can be drained by any enemy very quickly.


You'll soon learn to adapt to the game's difficulty and cheapness, but it doesn't make bosses any less annoying. Every boss will need a little bit of trial and error before beating them. Some attacks are really hard to dodge too while some are easy to dodge because of your shield ability.


Whenever you die, you respawn in the exact same room you just died in, which makes the no healing trophy more tolerable. You should be combining the no saving and no heal trophy with your 100% run. There is a statue in the very first area in the game that's used to save, but you can actually heal yourself just by talking to it and it doesn't void the no heal trophy. Don't accidentally save when healing yourself this way.


If you want to get this Platinum without any hassle I HIGHLY recommend GreenZSaber's Platinum Walkthrough. (He's posted his video on a separate forum post) There are a ton of missable items and NPCs, so you really should be watching his guide. He's a great player who routed everything very well. (Man's a legend no matter what game he plays lol) He has a good route for the speedrun trophy too.


The hardest trophy is the speedrun trophy because pausing the game does not pause the timer. You'll want to remember GreenZ's route and practice it yourself a few times. Getting the speedrun down was actually kinda fun. You can now use healing items and spells, but you'll now be weaker because you won't be grabbing all the health upgrades. You also can't save if you make a mistake and every death adds 5 minutes to the timer. Your only issue will be at the very end whenever you face the final boss as it can be a real pain with your limited health.


4 or 5/10 difficulty with just under 8 or 10 hours playtime.

Thanks so much for all the info. The game looks quite fun actually, despite the cheap deaths. I'll give it a try, especially since it's currently on sale for next to nothing. I'll probably leave it without a plat and skip the speedrun though, I already know I'm gonna rage at that one haha. I glanced at the guide you've mentioned and I'll definitely use it, looks very helpful. Thanks again! 

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A very late reply, but I found Kokoro incredibly annoying to defeat (and this is on Easy mode).


And I can't even do any damage to the last boss without him killing me pretty much instantly.


And to make matters worse, the passive abilities don't seem to do anything.

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