How possible win at solo? (Last Man standing trophy)

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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to make a win in solo almost 1 month,

As I understand - at now in this game plays only fan of this game and real pro who don't give me to make one strike (((

I have a lot of situation 1vs1, and always my opponent kill me, despite my level and collected legendary items...


Because everyday when I play this game - I start burn like in hell...


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Git gud, or lucky.


I got so many 2nds, I cried each time. So many times. Not sure how many times I won solo, one or two times I think. I won mostly team, and I won like 6 teams that didn't count towards the 12 win trophy and some afterwards. In other words, I wasn't terrible at the game, but there's always this one really good player.


Here's my tips:

  • Don't fall behind in leveling, just find your own path where you like to grind.
  • Learn where the chests are etc. In fact, running around from chest to chest, learning how to open them without enemies attacking you, is very useful. If the chest says 4 seconds, it has some good stuff in it, but you may need to defeat the enemies first. Try to attack as many as possible at the same time. Chests do give a lot of xp and good gear, so they are very useful.
  • Get bonuses as much as you can, those collectible thingies. This will help a lot as the leveling starts to crawl to an end.
  • You get bonuses for taking out enemies early in the game. Very early, if you can open some chest and get some extra advantage against an opponent, go for it, go for the kill. This do boost your attack too. If you suck at 1vs1, get good at it. Know which enemies you can usually kill or not. Notice if the other players suck or not, but even good players you can take out with enough practice. Square or triangle attack and keeping the enemy stunned is very important. Triangle attack can be countered, so square is more useful. I personally played mostly with the second character from the left on the top row in the character select screen. Some girl who did like whip attacks and got a guitar or whatever. Got some good distance attacks and close up. :) Not as powerful as one of the optional characters that has similar moveset, but got more defense.
  • If you're nearing the end and got a decent level, try to keep it up, stay away from other players. Near the very end you may want to hide a bit and watch as the other players kill each other. if you part take there may always be someone who sucker punch you. To win, you may not want to let the strongest just kill everyone, that person will have a massive advantage, so maybe sucker punch the strongest while they try to kill someone else. Smoke bombs are actually useful, even normal bombs that may stun someone or disadvantage as they take out some other player who is actually weaker. Traps are almost never used and nobody expect them. If you hide in some bush, yes, hiding in bushes is very effective, even if people know you hide, you can place traps in the grass. People won't even see or expect them and just run into 'em for happy time for you. People won't care about you when you hide, even if they know you hide, as they are either hiding themselves or know you won't sucker punch them just yet. Sometimes they do want a fight though, but if you got them surprised with traps, at least you got some advantage to either attack or get away. You really want a damaged and poor player against you with full health and picked up bonuses from dead players etc against you at the end. You may want to actually have killed someone too, so if you see someone weak with little health left, kill 'em, especially if it doesn't make you a target. With enough tries, you'll get lucky, like I did. :) And yeah, I got second so many times. It wasn't because I hid, as I often didn't hide that much, and I was close to level 20, but my opponent was just too strong due to many kills and had full health almost etc.
  • Improve your equipment. That blacksmith near the end is so important. Dismantle all the stuff you've picked up whenever you can, and upgrade your gear at the end. You may want to buy "legendary" from a vendor first too, before improving. Yes, use the vendors, for the traps, smoke bombs and health potions etc.
  • The items you put on the ground to shoot you up in the air can be very useful near the end to get away from a difficult spot due to the red area being so small and doing so much damage near the end.


You can try different servers btw.


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