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Next body trophy help


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Hey everybody,


I need some help with the Next Body trophy. First and foremost, terrible decision on the developers for making your health go up every time you die. Practically makes getting this trophy a time wasting nightmare.


I been following a guide where after you defeat the charge sword attack boss on your third playthrough, you're suppose to super jump 7 times underneath a platform to turn yourself black and let an enemy instantly kill you but this didn't work for me because my health is ridiculously high and takes forever for my health to go down. I even started a brand new save and kill myself 100 times on a spikey platform (for roughly 8 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the trophy didn't pop. Can any plat earners or anybody who unlocked Next Body assist me?

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So, I found something that makes this quite a bit shorter overall. 


Go to the screen where the secret boss is. You'll see a lot of red enemies; in particular, you'll see an enemy that tries to drill you. Let him move all the way to the right, and then stand over his drill on the platform. Let him hit you 4 times, and then fall off on top of him. You should shatter, Rinse and repeat. I got about 60 kills this way in 30 minutes. The previous 40 had probably taken 2 hours.


Another thing I noticed is that if you die, say, 10 times and then quit out to the main menu without triggering any autosaves (e.g. by moving to another screen), your extra stamina will be removed, but the deaths seem to be saved. This suggests that you could just die at the beginning of the game, quit out, and start over. But I didn't try it, because I was scared that the deaths were not being saved (there is nothing in the game that counts your current number of deaths).

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For everyone wanting to get this trohpy faster, I made a video describing how to get it within an hour and 90 minutes.


I'll leave the videos description here with the details.

"So, while making my way to get the "What Lies Ahead?" Trophy I noticed that in this room in particular I was dying really fast. Checking what was going on I discovered that, by taking a direct hit from the Red Drill at the left, I was loosing a massive amount of HP, leaving enough to be killed by the bombs in one hit. So I grinded and developed a method to farm the 100 deaths needed for the "Next Body" Trophy and get it within an hour.


First: it is important to note that you must take a direct hit from the drill. If you get hit by the bombs before the drill or the drill hits you from the side, it will be registered as normal damage. YOU MUST BE DIRECTLY BELOW THE DRILL IN ORDER TO TAKE THE HIT NEEDED FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.


Second: Because we all now that with each death your HP increases, there will be a moment when you will need additional hits from the drill in order to be killed by the bombs (the drill can´t kill you. When your HP is at the lowest, you stop taking damage from the drill). The pattern that I experienced was that for the first 25 deaths or so I needed only 1 hit. Then, every 14 or 15 deaths, an additional hit will was needed. (Example: from 26-40 deaths needed 2 hits. From 41 to 55 deaths needed 3 hits, and so on and so on).


So the best method to farm deaths in this room is as follows.

1.-Ignore the drill that is below from where you respawn.

2.- Lure the Gray Bombs and kill them so they dont bother you.

3.- Get hit by the Red Drill the amount of times needed while dashing to the left, so you don´t trigger the Red Bomb.

4.- After taking hits needed, trigger the red bomb so it kills you in one hit.

5.- At 00:50 in the video is the clear example on how to do it properly.


Rinse, repeat and the trophy will pop quickly. I did this on NG++ but I think it can be done from NG+ too. I really hope it helps and finally you can unlock the trophy without wasting 6+ hours of your life HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!!!


EDIT: Really it´s between an hour and 90 minutes, I made a mistake before on the video and description, sorry"



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