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Sharing is Caring - What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Okay, i'm closing in on the plat, with only a few sequences left - I've defeated all legendary ships, all forts, discovered every location in my journies, but haven't found one of the three "discoveries" for this trophy. I decided to look on online forums for guidance, with many results, posted an hour or so before i look, but i go to the specified co-ordinates, NOTHING. Other people claim to find these treasure in those locations too. I've signed up to UPlay, and im always online when playing AC4 anyway, anybody know what im doing wrong


37 Hours played - No Discoveries found.


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I need only to find naval convoy for this annoying trophy and so far I have not seen any convoys of such sort.....I am at seq 12 and soon will finish this game, but I can not belive that this is so hard to come by.

I have sailed so much that I feel I will be sick if I lay my eyes once more on the sea :shakefist:

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