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DLC that makes the plat easier?

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There are no trophy guides for this game, and it's supposedly one of the harder Visual Novels out there in terms of trophies.


On this japanese website, https://review.platinumtrophies.net/love-application/ two people were saying that this game has way too much RNG with events, locations and who shows up where, making getting the trophies for doing each ending and such, harder, but also that there's a DLC that makes things easier. The first person mentioned that that DLC costs 300¥ on the store, but if you check the available DLCs here: https://psprices.com/region-jp/game/192923/tatuti-siyotu-love-application you will see that there's only one DLC being sold for 300¥, 315¥ to be precise. The thing is, when you translate that using google, it says it's a Hula Hoop for your avatar??


I don't speak japanese, this is just the information I gathered from the poorly translated text using google translator. Both people also mentioned something about "satori" but I have no clue what that means in this context.


Can anyone that speaks japanese help with this?

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1 hour ago, jayboo1991 said:

Would be interested to plat this as well.

If this might help, this is what I got from a friend from china: http://blog.livedoor.jp/k_o_blog/archives/38308684.html

But yeah, as you mentioned, there is a lot of RNG stuff in there.

Thank you! Despite the randomness of events, this walkthrough should be useful.

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So I think I found what those guys in the first link were talking about. I don't know how I missed it, it literally says satori on its name.




Translation from the psn store page info using google translate: "This is a dream patch that will not reduce the Satori gauge. Now you can read the other person's heart as much as you want!". 


From what little I know about the game, I think this means that you'll be able to tell exactly what they want, or where they'll be? Overall less RNG which coincides with what those guys were saying on the website from the first link at the top.

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