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I got 85% on the Ps4 version, then upgraded to PS5 version, did 100% and now I log in on PS4 and nothing autopops, why?


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I got 85% on the Ps4 version, then I started playing on the Ps5 version and I got all the trophies except a few from the DLC 32 (that is not in the PS4 version), so I thought if I log in on my PS4 version the 15% that I didn't have would autopop, but no, it doesn't and if I go to the trophies menu (that tracks the progress in game) it didn't move at all from how it was when I left the Ps4 version (I have new warframes and weapons, but not the progress on the trophies). Why is that? How could I solve it?

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39 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

Cross-save is buggy in this game so all you can do is either trying force the correct stats to copy over by redoing the applicable actions or cut your loses and start over from scratch with a new character :(. See here for more info:




Start from scratch 220 hours of gameplay? They must be kidding. What a shitty design, it's as easy as just check if you have the trophy in game and if you do, pop the Playstation trophy, but those lazy developers cannot fix anything even after a year...

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