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Major connection issues


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Despite hours of trying I can’t seem to play any online games in Volta mode. I can squad up with other players but I’ll never get in any game and disconnect before that or get an error message. Besides that I constantly disconnect from the EA servers even when playing offline, Volta and UT.


In UT today I got problems as well, connection is fine but midgame out of nowhere I disconnect from the EA servers and get kicked out, funnily that counts as a loss for me even when I was leading two games 3:0 and 2:0.


Does anyone else have those major server issues? This is the first time a fifa is giving me that much trouble.

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Volta is a massive mess! The best way around this is creating a coop group and searching with 3 friends. Make sure you ALL stay in the game through the black screen, it takes a while but eventually it will put you into a game vs AI. It registers the AI as online players so win the game and the trophy pops.


This is how i did it after HOURS of searching. I hope it works for you too. GOODLUCK

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