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In-game leaderboards are broken


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Just an info I leave for users that may be flagged since I'm aware of the toxicity some people have when they elevate themselves to God and decide who is legit and who isn't by simply looking at the leaderboards: I'm slowly working on the speedruns and I noticed that in some levels my score gets eventually erased, not everytime but it randomly happens. When you check a leaderboard you automatically see the page you are in, in my case this happens but I have no score there (such as I see positions from 11 to 19 which is page 2, however I'm not placed there nor anywhere else). Eventual new runs and even an improvement of the time in the level will not load any score at all anymore.


So in other words, do not use the in-game leaderboards as a proof to establish if someone is legit. I recommend to anyone doing the speedruns to record them anyway.

EDIT: I got all the platinum medals, but the Gotta Catch Em All run told me the lb are not accessible when I finished the run, so this is also another scenario where a score is not uploaded at all.


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The issue is that the LB shows places from x1 to x9, so 01-09, 11-19, 21-29, etc... The 10th, 20th, 30th and so on are not shown.

I don't appear on the Gotta Catch'em All LB and other courses as well because of that. When checking the LB, the game puts me on the right page timewise, but instead of seeing my entry, it's just filled with "-----" (on the bottom row, where it should be the x0 place).


And as you said, there's also the issue with the LB not being accessble when trying to register a time.



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