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Game crashes every time I try to load in

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So after clearing the Hot ring side mission, my game crashes every time I try to load into my save. I was almost done with the 100% too, and I’m pretty mad about it. My backup save from when I first started the game loads fine, but my main save and auto save both crash the game upon loading. Is there a fix for this? Do you think a patch might fix it? Or am I screwed?

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Same here. After collecting 95 hidden packages, the game crashed when i entered the airport terminal. Now both my savegame as well as the autosave file seem to be broken. Everytime i load one of them the game crashes instantly. Would be nice if someone has a workaround.






i contacted rockstar support, they told me the following:


I entered the airport after collecting 95 hidden packages to collect the last 5 packages. The game crashed and since then i am unable to load any of my savegames. Both the manual save game and the automatic safegame seem to be corrupted of some sort. Everytime I load on of them the game crashes with error code CE-108255-1. I cleared the cache and rebuild the database of my ps5. The problem seems to be with the savegame. I am playing the PS4 version.
One moment while we connect you.
Hello, thank you for contacting Rockstar Support, my name is (...) . Please give me a moment to read through your issue and look up your account information, I will be right back with you
I understand that you are facing game crashing issues , is that right..?
i suggest you to try the below workaround;-
1. Access the in-game Pause menu. 2. Select Options > Graphics. 3. Change the Fidelity option to Performance.
Unfortunately the problem persists
sorry for the delay
no problem
I would like to inform you that these issue
I would like to inform you that these issue is under investigation
so i have to wait until a fix comes via an update?
this has been already reported to our concerned department and we assure you that we will resolve it as soon as possible.
ok thanks
We update you when we have more information on these
we appreciate your understanding in these regards
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Happened to me one time, was using 3 save slots with same name from completed mission - all were corrupted and were crashing the game. So I decided not to wait until patch arrives, but load a save file that was 3 hours behind. And after that I was saving like every 5-10 minutes and loading save file just to be sure it's ok and maybe find out what caused that problem


And I'm 80% sure my save file was corrupted because I did Checkpoint Charlie twice on different boats

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I've just had the same thing happen to me when retrying the "The Job" mission after getting busted. I've been using 2 different save slots each time I save in case 1 got corrupted. Crashes instantly when loading both of them now. Was on around 75% and my closest save that will load is at 21%. Looks like I won't be playing this again until it get's patched, no way am I playing all through that again. I'd completed all the jumps, rampages, packages etc and can't be bothered to do them all again. :( 


EDIT: The 1.003 patch didn't fix my issue

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I still can´t play vice city on the ps5 digital edition.

I start the game and get a ce-108255 error on auto-save and 3 manual saves after 30 seconds.

This patch changed nothing for me.


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Chiming in on this.


It's happened to me too. Just cleaning up for 100% and now 2 separate saves I have won't load as the games ejects to the dash instantly. PS5 this as well.


I do have a feeling that the C.Charlie exploit affects this, so just be mindful when attempting the 100% if you use this method.


I'll probably at a later date come back to this and load an old save but atm I cba going back a good few hours.

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Just happened to me as well, didn't do anything weird and no fixes work. All files corrupted. Not doing all that again, deleted. Damn shame. PS+ backup doesn't even work bc the corrupted save got uploaded to server. SMH, any developer who actually cared would have fixed this by now. Was kind of enjoying it too, although it felt much smaller than it did when I was a kid both in length and map.

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