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[Video] One Last Memory - All Trophies & Collectibles


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Welcome to my trophy guide for One Last Memory! 


Remember to play on patch 1.01 or later, because otherwise 1 collectible in act 4 will be inaccessible. This was fixed in version 1.01.


Version 1.01 also has a game crashing bug in act 2 with the blue orbs by the giant dinosaur, but going around and avoiding the orbs stops this from happening. (This will likely be fixed in a later patch)


Other than those couple of notes, the game is very chilled out and nothing stressful. Enjoy the easy platinum! :platinum:



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1 hour ago, Ricketsu said:

This is crazy still no patch in Europe EU

neither NA 

so I appreciate if someone can say how to get 1.01 


when I ask check update , the answer is "you at the latest version" which is for me 1.0

The patch has been pulled by the devs, thus it's impossible to patch the game to any version - all you can do is wait until January when the fixed 1.02 patch is released.

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Played it today, patch 1.01 is there, got the plat, only crash was like OP said in Act 2 avoid the blue gates by dinosaur and 12th red collectable, go the path up n around the back like in the video and it fixes it!


Other than there, had no other crashes or problems (other than the usual frame drop rate issues common with these games). Thanks for the guide and the for the fix in that Act 2 spot! ?

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