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Getting Around trophy issue


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So, I've gotten Chevy and Ford out of the way but I can't seem to get a contract offer by a Toyota team to get this trophy. I've done 7 seasons now and I keep getting the same team offers from every team but a Toyota team. Is there something specifically that needs to be done to get one or is it totally just random and you have to get lucky? Or is there something I'm just missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


UPDATE: I ended up starting a new career and picking Toyota to start but since that erases your old career progress, you have to re-get Chevy and Ford so I just simulated the next couple of seasons and got them and it popped right when I accepted the last contract. So I guess the moral of the story here is start your career with Toyota if you don't want to waste time and backtrack like I had to. 

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