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Game on sale until 12/2. What's the deal with those 0% trophies?!

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Just beat the game with one alt account using many coins and I do believe both leaderboard trophies are glitched. By beating the final boss you will get 100,000 points, what is enought for Aprentice and Master, but after you input your name on the leaderboard nothing happens. The only game in the Retro Classix collection that required using only one coin to get one leaderboard trophy was Joe e Mac, and I don't believe this is also the case with Super Burger Time,  but good luck if there is anyone willing to try that because this game is incredibly difficult. Here, Coin Operator is glitchy as well (like in Heavy Barrel) and it is advised going slowly and inserting one coin at a time, only after you have died.

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