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Maximum Affinity Level


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Funnily enough I was just beginning to look at the same dlc trophies today. I've experimented a bit and it seems that the number of affinity points you get scales with the distance per race:

  1. 3 laps Brands Hatch Indy circuit is ~5km total, got 5 points
  2. 3 laps Nordschleife is 62km, got 62 points
  3. 3 laps North West 200 is 43km, got 42 points, 5 laps (72km) gave me 72

I've also varied the race settings and riding aids, but that didn't make a difference. So seems like the fastest way is to maximize the avg. speed per race, which means doing the fast tracks like NW200 or Daytona over and over again.

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Thanks alot I've been trying the northwest 200 and it seems to be the fastest method. I also think starting the race at 20th on the grid gives you abit more too. Its easy enough on the northwest 200 because you catch them all on the first big straight with the right setup.

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On 12/20/2021 at 6:59 PM, xXBurniXx said:

Fastest way is Daytona speedway.

you need 500km (125 laps) with each bike for max affinity.


So you really got to do 125 laps on Daytona for each of the 13 bikes with this trophy? 1,625 laps? Damn this is giving me GT Sport flashbacks 

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