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Hard as Nails Trophy

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I’ve read before that Invaded versions of missions do not count (though I can’t be 100% sure on this). Thankfully, there’s an easy method of checking what has counted and what hasn’t.


Start > Progression > Commendations > Service.


Look for each required level’s name “Merit” in the list. It will tell you how many times you have completed it on Hard or above towards the trophy (ex. American History Museum Service Merit, times completed on Hard difficulty or above: 0/10).


What I can confirm are three things:


1) Tidal Basin is definitely NOT required for this trophy (I believe because it was added in a later update, but I might be mistaken). If you check the Commendation called Supreme Response Distinction, you should be at a total of 15/16 done when the trophy pops. The missing level is for Tidal Basin.


2) If you have the New York DLC installed and those manhunt missions are active, completing them on Hard count towards regular Hard mission tracking and doesn’t interfere at all (I won’t go into any further details here, as to avoid spoilers).


3) Mission/Stronghold order does not count, as long as they are all completed properly on Hard or above. Probably obvious, I just wanted to point out my trophy popped after the Lincoln Memorial mission. I had done all the strongholds first to get them out of the way.


I’d personally recommend not trying to complete any missions while they are Invaded, and to just wait another week once it’s clear again. Invaded is way more challenging solo. With conflicting information online, I haven’t bothered to test to see if they count. More trouble than it’s worth.

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