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Need help with That Woman, Dominique trophy

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Yesterday I was at the final boss of episode 2 while going for the That Woman, Dominique trophy. While trying to hit the retry option I accidentally hit stage select and voided the trophy.


Now that I finished the boss I have the option to continue the episode and start at the beginning of chapter 8. If I beat the game from that point can I still get the trophy without using stage select or will the game still remember that I used the stage select menu? 


This episode wasn't easy for me and even though it will go faster with experience the Zanmatou will still be a pain.

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I don't know, honestly. (Why do people say "honestly"? Is there a time when I would answer dishonestly?)


My guess is that it will remember your stage select, but I don't see why you wouldn't try it, anyway (after all, if it does work, you've saved going back through the whole game, and if it doesn't, well, you'd still have to play stage 8 again, anyway).

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