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PS3 Slim Reading Disk Problems


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Hi! My apologizes if this was already asked. I have a problem with my PS3 Slim CECH-2004A.When I insert a game the console starts a ticking noise (4-5 times) then stops, makes the ejecting noise, and then again with the ticking noise and the game doesn't start. So I push the eject button and I try again. After like half an hour or more of insert and eject the disk (recently if I just leave the disk inside after the first try it seems it takes less time) the game starts. What can be the problem? Thank you in advance :)

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I've got a system that does this too. The solution is probably to replace the drive, since I believe the calibration is off, but it will eventually read the disc.


Typically, I turn the console on and off until the game shows in the XMB.

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