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11 minutes ago, Ondra155Crazy said:

Can i Still get NA version of this game ?

If i would create NA account and i would get NA copy of this game, would it give me second trophy list ?

Looked a couple weeks ago on ps3 and vita and it is not available via their digital stores. Been looking locally ever since. 

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All spider man games related to ACTIVITION delisted a few years ago due to license issues.


Spider Man edge of time

spider man shattered dimensions 

the amazing spider man ps3 and 2 vita stacks 

the amazing Spider-Man 2 ps3 and ps4


If you bought the game back then it will be yours forever but there is no way to get those games digitally now, only physical copies.

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3 hours ago, Ondra155Crazy said:

If i have European account and i buy The Amazing Spider-Man Cartrige from NA will i get NA trophy list ?

Im pretty certain it will mate but honestly at that point, the physical version of Amazing Spider-Man for vita 2nd hand is about $70+ and thats me hunting around, all the Spider-Man games for PS shot up in price and so did vita physical stuff so its a double sided bad situation, unless its your fave version of your fave game its just not worth it for the sake of trophies.

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