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Tip for getting 100% Ring Accuracy

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On 2/6/2022 at 1:23 AM, Sendai-Horatio said:

Use the break which is L2, it slows you down majorly but for the later courses you'll need it to reposition yourself. This makes getting this challenge done easily because you're given all the time you want to complete it.


How many hours to Plat is this game?

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19 hours ago, MikeCheck-- said:


How many hours to Plat is this game?

Not particularly long, you're going to need to spend at least 3-4 hours just grinding races to raise friendship levels but if you get familiar with the tracks most races can be done in around a minute and that's unskippable intro+completion time.

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On 2/15/2022 at 9:48 PM, MikeCheck-- said:


How many hours to Plat is this game?

10-ish hours, depending how efficient you are.
Game isnt particularly exciting, quite overpriced for what it is. Everything is quite easy to understand, and I had a few trophies pop before they were supposed to.
Best for grinding I would recommend the final cup, and try to get one of the maps with grass and an archway at the beginning with the academy in the background, I managed to avarege 30-45 seconds per run.
For some reason it randomly chooses a map ,even tho the time requirement stays the same as if it was only 1 map. Repeating the same level keeps the same map, if you exit out you will need to hope it chooses it again.
BIG TIP: Unlocking the full ending requires a certain level with all characters - which can be seen by a purple circle on each character. Dont get the ending.
Finish grinding all levels except level of 1 character without the purple circle thingy. Full ending makes an extra cutscene and race at the end of the cup, and unskippable credits.
Visit the dorm during all times of the day is real time, basically play in the morning, afternoon, evening and night or something like that.
Kill 100 ghosts, and all ghost related challenges are a lot easier with the homing targeting gems.
And yes, the online trophy pops by just entering the lobby.
If anyone wants info or tips just hit me up.

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