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Hey all. I’ve beaten the game and am trying to get the true ending by sparing all bosses. I’m on the second boss and I keep killing him because I deplete his health bar and not fill up his stature bar. I need to fill his stature bar twice. So the question is; are there certain combos I should use/avoid to damage his stature more than his health?

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as far as I'm aware how I did it for all the bosses is I would get them to their 2nd phase get the first prompt of Square + Triangle not do anything then after the first chance is gone I just keep parrying their attacks with L1 to just fill up their stance meter, a few hits here and there helped assuming they aren't already near death (eye strike focus seems to fill up their stance a bit) then left on d-pad to spare once second Square + Triangle has appeared. you might end up dying here and there while parrying but you eventually will break their stance, probably not an effective way of doing it but this is how I have managed so far.

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On 10-2-2022 at 9:27 AM, MDSP777 said:

For Sean, during the 2nd phase the key is to parry. Parrying successfully will bump his structure bar up, while not dealing damage. You can break his first bar before he gets down to even around half HP.


I can confirm this works (worked for me at least), because Sean didn't have any HP left, i only used L1 at the right moments (aka Parrying).

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