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Question about writing a trophy guide

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23 minutes ago, Redninja-222 said:

I couldn’t find anything on here about whether or not we’re able to write non trophy survival guides. I Was thinking about giving writing a guide a go and wanted to write a survival guide for one of the games I play. Thanks in advance.

You can make a "gameplay" guide for any game and there is no limitation on what the gameplay guide might contain. Nevertheless, a gameplay guide that covers any specific topic is expected to fully explain or detail information extensively enough that the subject of purpose the guide is written for is completely answered. For example, if you wanted to write a guide on say, a bestiary or monstepedia, then you'd be expected to have every enemy and NPC in that game with all the relevant information that would be expected in such a guide. If you were to write a speedrun guide (not necessarily for trophies, just in general) you'd be expected to fully explain the speedrun, speedrun tech, and any intricacies or nuances of that speedrun you are covering.


In essence, a gameplay guide can be anything, but is expected to be information heavy to justify it being made. This sort of commitment is rare and less that 7% of the sites guides are gameplay guides. Gameplay guides can also be about trophies, or a walkthrough on getting a platinum, but it doesn't have to be always trophy-centric. This is the freedom of a gameplay guide, and allows you to explore any topic so long as you are willing to put in the work to get it published.

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