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Extreme Avatar trophy glitch?


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I recently came back to this game after getting frustrated with the Naga section of chapter 5 on extreme. After finally completing it and going through the rest of the chapters on Extreme difficulty, the trophy for completing the game on Extreme didn't unlock.


Has anyone else had this issue? Are there any know fixes?


I'm currently playing through the entire damn game again, hoping it'll pop if done in one sitting.

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7 minutes ago, RNumbers said:

Hopefully doing it in one go does the trick.


I believe that's what it was, since I just unlocked Extreme Avatar.


What I did was play from Chapter One all through Chapter Eight in one sitting. On my previous run, I skipped cutscenes also, so I didn't skip any on my second playthrough of Extreme (though, not sure if that matters, since I probably skipped cutscenes on Normal difficulty also and got that trophy without issues).


If anyone runs into this issue (PS3 version), my only advice is to do as I did and play through the entire game in one sitting on Extreme without skipping the cutscenes.

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