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Any tips on "Escaping a Daydream" Trophy?


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6 minutes ago, kairyu_sai said:

It says Defeated all masked warriors

Are there conditions to get all masked warriors to appear?

I have spent hours keep fighting those repeated ones.



The last one can only unlock by skill, there is one skill (last skill in the last category). The requirement to unlock the skill would be 


1. Beat 3 Masked warrior 

2. Unlock all skill (found all book+memories)



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Does anyone know where to find the Memory Point for the Gutsy Grab skill? It's the only one I haven't unlocked yet (besides the final skill, of course).


EDIT: On the logo of Charles (Higashi's arcade).

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It's not missable, you just have to unlock all skills (none of which are missable - skill books not found during investigations during the story can be bought at Ebisu Pawn later) and defeat 3 masked warriors to buy the final skill (which unlocks a fight on the roof of Kamuro Theater)

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