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Coming in Hot Trophy.


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I hate the randomness of this trophy… I actually caught a ball at 110, no trophy.

I had a ball go 113, the CPU as my fielder Gavin Lux, dropped the ball as he dove so it didn’t count.

I’ve been at this game 7 hours past the last trophy I got trying to get this one event to happen.


I feel like if someone boosted this with me it can be done by just swinging early at 100 mph fastballs in online.

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I must have been really really mad… because I took it out on the game, and got the PLATINUM DONE.

THANK U LA DODGERS AND AJ POLLOCK for doing what Gavin Lux failed at, catching a 110+ mph ball!!!


I’ll post my footage later… but a mod can lock this topic if they want


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If anyone is still struggling, I just got the double Plat. just now on PS4, I played with my outfield shallow and infield in. 

That is key!

Maybe about 10 batters in Lindor caught one at short. When I got it as the first unlocker on PS5, Escobar caught it.

Go Mets!

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