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can't see report cheating button


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this user was completed 真・ガンダム  in only 25minute.


真・ガンダム...It takes at least 120 hours to complete.


and this user was cheating user. I was checked his rank was only in the dirty leader board.


BUT!! He hid behind the cheated game that the clean leader board appeared.

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if the platinum takes at least 120 hours like you say then this norang2 person isn't the only person that should be suspected of cheating as according to the 100% club there are 14 people who got the platinum in less than 120 hours

.Yeah.... i have now been taht game... very very fastest root...90hour? clear story mode...it takes 20hour..

i think..that under 5days completed time record users are cheater.

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IMO, If Norang2 wants to hack trophies, let him do it. It doesn't affect you or me playing games, and doesn't affect our trophy count. Why go through the hassle of reporting him? Just leave him be. https://psnprofiles.com/AaronYT I thought that this guy was a hacker because he managed to surpass everyone on the Demon Soul's leaderboard and get first place. He isn't actually a hacker, he did it all legit. I thought he hacked his GTA IV Trophies in the wrong order because he got everyone's like to 90% before gaining there special abilities, but in actual fact, there is a glitch that they don't call you unless you take them on a activity first.

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nothing wrong with reporting as such although I won't go into why as too many threads have done it before. 


Sly if you ever pop by this thread, how easy/hard would it be to keep the 'report' button for the game/user, but have a pop-up saying this game has already been reported if such is the case (so you guys don't get inondated with e-mails) ?


I must admit I found it confusing at first.

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