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Fastest Man in the Swamp not popping?


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Im going for the 100% again and upon completing an extreme challenge the trophy tied to it didn't pop. Is there anyway to get this trophy without starting fresh with none of my save data?


The stealth and 4 hit combo trophies aren't popping for me either.

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heres how I did it, credit Kenshin_Evox for suggesting deleting end of Zoe save
This worked for me but this is how I went about it. My current save file already has everything unlocked, all challenges completed. I backed that save file up completely. So then I went into my ps4 saves and deleted just the end of Zoe system save so that all the other in game save files stayed for end of Zoe. So when I booted up, it looked like nothing was unlocked at all… I loaded up an old normal difficulty save that was at the final boss, beat him then it told me I unlocked extreme challenges. So I started up a new normal game save and got to the 1st challenge, completed it and the trophy popped. So after that, I restored my save file that had everything unlocked so I didn’t have to do all the challenges again. So I have all my w restored and completed. Thanks for that idea man!
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Kenshin_EvoX method does work. 


I converted my PS4 data and then completed a save file that was at the end of DLC campaign. I got the trophies for completing it on normal and completing it without using guns. 

I then went to get Fastest Man in the Swamp, but the first challenge was already completed as noted in my pause menu stats. 


So following the Kenshin method, on my PS5 I went to Settings, Storage, Console Storage (were I have my PS4 data), Saved Data, Ps4 Games. 

Scrolled down to the RE7 listing, and just to the right of if it is a symbol with a  pencil and 3 lines. Selecting that let me individually choose what to delete/copy/whatever.

I selected ,  "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard   System Save Data/End of Zoe"  4.20MB, deleted that file and only that file.  Then I went back to RE7 PS5, and did the data conversion again. I replayed the End of Zoe save file at the final boss on normal, completed it, unlocked Extreme Challenges and did the first one to get the trophy.  


I do recommend backing up your PS5 save data onto the cloud if you have started any other game mode that you wish not to lose progress in.

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You can just do an extreme+ challenge on joe must die difficulty instead of doing the delete save file method and the trophy will pop. 
this takes literally 3 minutes. 
It’s actually really easy to do the first extreme+ challenge with the dual AMG’s even though they speed the clock up, 

Mr Reign has a guide for this. 

but assuming you for some reason did the extreme+ challenges (which I highly doubt anyone did since there was no reason too)

then just use the delete save file method mentioned above. 


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