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Why do people hate/dislike this game?


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On 7/4/2022 at 2:07 PM, MiserySQRL said:

I see most people disliking/hating on this game, as when I ask them why. I never got an actual reasons, because I enjoyed that game, by far my favorite furry/anthropomorphic game along with Super Animal Royale and Sly Cooper.


I actually really enjoyed this game. With a little more polish it could've been a really fun dungeon crawler. Its main problem is it cant decide if it is trying to be a dungeon crawler, party game, or whatever. The only real complaint I had was the split screen game play, that feels like something from the Xbox 360 era, and was really unnecessary since most of the time you and a friend end up in the same area fighting waves of enemies/bosses anyway.

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I think that the game could have been good, but there were a ton of bugs and other issues that I found while playing it. Sometimes minor things like hitbox problems or shovels stopping working after a couple rooms unless you drop it and re-collect it. Sometimes major things like holding the attack button for a while fully breaking the attack animation of your character, and basically making you unable to play. Pair that with a lot of the challenges you have to complete for the plat being pretty hard, and you got a recipe for aggravation. Long story short, it is a cool idea, but needed a lot more polish than it got. 

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Did played for an hour and just cannot get into the game. I thought it would be better but turned out to be a huge letdown. It was not a very good or interesting game with the lack of more content, and at least the platinum was extremely easy (but the challenges are absolutely luck based and annoying.)


It's also not as good as Orc Slayer, Magus, Lizard Lady, and others.

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I would guess that one of the main problems is the lack of content. I actually found this game to be pretty enjoyable, but the problem is that after the first 10 hours you’ve seen everything the game has to offer. It still has the potential to be a fun little pick-up-and-play style party game or one you could play with young kids etc. but it offers little beyond that.

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I believe it's one of the Go!Aninate/Vynod community (Especially the SSBU fanboy/fangirls) who diss it and said the game had the lack of content. (I get it...)

I found the game to be enjoyable tbh.


19% of people getting a 1 star rating on PSN. It's just sad....

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