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So as i have begun to stream a little for fun,i noticed that when i stream from the PS5 of course. Only i can see the trophy pops, it does not appear in my stream. Is there a fix for this? I have looked around a lot but i could not find anything.

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I never knew they blocked the trophy pop up when you're streaming through the console. Sony most likely did that on purpose but I'm not sure why unfortunately. Could a fix possibly be an option in the settings? If not, you'll most likely have to stream through somewhere like Twitch or YouTube directly instead of through the console :(

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59 minutes ago, Berrytenor said:

yeah I will probably get a capture card at some point, I’m only doing it for fun anyways

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I do not know why it did not include your quote lol
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They probably block all notifications, people probably didn't want viewers to see all their friends and stuff when they come online. IIRC on PS4 they would blur out messages, not sure if they did anything for people signing on and I don't believe they blocked the trophy noti's.

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PS4/5 blurs out any system notifications as a security measure. There is no way to turn it off on system. If you want to not have them on your stream, you can't use the built-in software. This requires a capture card or other trick. I believe connecting the system to a monitor via HDMI and then streaming your desktop still works.


For the sake of being through:

PS3 doesn't have built-in streaming software and it's protections are part of the OS with no off-switch, so direct streaming with a capture card isn't normally possible. Could use an HDMI splitter and pray it works, or buy a very specific capture card that's out of print and pretty expensive. I believe the same 'connect to monitor' trick works here as well.

Vita I believe has a specific wire that allows for capture card connection and/or monitor connection, so streaming should be possible there. I think the PSP works the same way, as does it's variants. Could also invest in a PSTV and run it from that.

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