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Balance of Soldiers' Skills on all Teams

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Anti-Ballistic this, Liquid Carbon that. Medic. Ranger. Sentry. Defender. The whole nine yards. So... I came up with an idea. Something you may consider "The Perfect Balance". I wonder. Has anyone ever thought of this? Keep the number of skills as equal as possible. Or go off the charts? I dunno. What do you think? Click the PDF link below and let me know. ?


Link: https://www.docdroid.net/dLIyTlW/we-have-3500-soldiers-in-mgs5-part-3-pdf


- S-rank or higher.

- No level 1. Just level 2 or higher.


This took me a lot and a lot of not just hours, but probably years. ?

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2 hours ago, colia100 said:

I just auto assign them. Worked just fine for me... :pimp:

So do I, but it comes down to who you Fulton to mother base. When you see soldier of certain skill, S-rank in more than one aspect. The one that flickers is where he meant to be. Combat, Security, R&D, etc. Whatever.


The goal is to balance all skills on all teams.

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