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Trophy list missing

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I Installed Mass Effect Andromeda and upon starting the game the trophy list did not show up. I already restarted the game, reinstalled the game, restartet the ps4, but still no list.

I also already played it to the point where I should get the first story related trophy.I did not get the trophy and also the list is still missing.


In my trophies section the game does not show up at all. If I longpress the ps button and go to trophies it is only showing “There are no trophies“.


Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?


I did not buy the game, I got it as a free game of the month over ps plus. Could that be the problem?

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Thanks folks, I just checked it and I indeed do only have the demo.


I definitely remember to have this added at the montly games. I suppose Crispy_Oglop solved that mistery, mislabeled. I just installed it from my library.

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