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Perfect time for head turner and catwalk model trophies

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9 hours ago, LegendExeter said:

Gonna try this when I get home.  I bet its because the developers caught wind of the Head Turner issue, and this is their response...just let everyone get it.

That's my guess too I was almost tier 86 to get the legendary myself then I noticed this last night

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6 hours ago, Darksider said:

Nah, this has nothing to do with trophies… They are giving away a free legendary costume because they have multiple issues with the in-game shop. 


« We heard your feedback on accidental purchases - and we're sorry!

To make it right:

2728.png We’re improving the store design to prevent this
2728.png All refund requests for cosmetics from 21st June 2022 will be honoured until we improve the store
2728.png We’re giving everyone GRANDIS 1f447.png »


Ok that's cool.  I just remember reading an article that the developers were aware from fan complaints and reports that the Head Turner trophy was having issues, and that they were going to issue some fix for it.


Needless to say it worked and I got those trophies.  It kind of boggles my mind when you get Head Turner why the other two dress up costumes trophies didn't pop.  It's like ...do I have the opposite problem of instead of needing legendary outfits I need to find Rare and then Uncommon outfits in order to pop those two?

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17 hours ago, Darksider said:

While it seems that Head Turner only needs upper & lower costume and a pattern to unlock now (even though that’s not what the requirements say), Bargain Bucket and Mad Trendy definitely need a colour too. So you basically need everything but the faceplate to be rare or higher. Equipping Grandis costume + a rare or higher colour + a rare or higher pattern should unlock the two trophies. 


Alright thanks for the info man, I will be on the hunt for them.

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Thank you for posting this. I was randomly browsing and saw it, and I would have had no idea this counted for Head Turner. I got Infallible the other day and was devastated when I thought the platinum was unattainable after all that work. The only trophy I still need is reaching lvl 40 fame, so here's hoping that doesn't glitch out for me after I put in a bunch of time towards the battle pass.

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