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A few tips to make the game easier.

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Your tips aren't bad but you forgot i few pointers:


For Sora:

- DO NOT USE DONALD if the enemy absorbs anything, his AI in this games is terrible and he'll just heal them instead. (Notable Examples: Hades, Axel, Larxene and Vexen, possibly even more.)


- Always have the Parasite Cage card for bosses, and in cases where the boss uses more then one know which one to cancel. (Example: Larxene II uses her own card (Haste) and Thunder Boost, null the thunder boost.) (P.S. you have any idea how great it is to null marluxia's double sleight? the fight actually becomes fair '-')


- For Bosses have always 2-3 Zeros (especially the latter ones), that way you can break any sleight you know you can't dodge.


- Sometimes it's best to let the boss use his attack if you can dodge it, that way you make him waste a card without wasting yours. (then he'll be the one running away waiting for the reload) (One good example is Vexen, i know how to dodge all of his attacks save for his 27, which i always break)


- If you make a roulette room, make sure you roll out another one before moving on. If you keep repeating that whenever you use one you'll never get stuck anywhere for long.


- I don't find the raids to be worth using, but then again i don't care about stunning foes. Sonic blade however is usefull in some cases, especially if Lethal Frame isn't an option.


- Lethal Flame is the most overpowered sleight ever since it can STOP bosses for the attack, so if you can break their card with it and they can't reach a zero before you stop time it rips almost a life bar from them, even Marluxia. (Just keep in mind that some enemies like Marluxia 2nd form and Darkside are hard to get all the hits to connect because their vunerable spot are too high from the ground)





- Beware of Wonderland, that world has the worst deck in the game, and it's made so you can't duel with the boss well, so you gotta use an enemy card to even it up or stack 2 cards to match his value. (Tip: Take that world first when it shows up so you can get the boss with lowest HP possible)


- Riku gets it easy with his Journal but it's still possible to miss things. Make sure you get every enemy from the worlds you go and get that dammed random joker.


- Good Leveling method: Make a martial awakening in C.O. and card break your way into Dark Mode, then use Lexaus card and kill everything with the spinning air attack (it counts as a finisher, triggering the cards Insta-kill effect).


- Another method that i don't recomend cuz it's very likelly to screw you up is making a strong initiative room because it makes the enemies start with almost no health BUT it will not affect following waves (and we all know how Neoshadows love coming outta those right? e_e) so you'll have to fight those like you normally do.

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I don't know if I'd go crazy on sleights. Something that hurt me early on when I first started playing this game was always using sleights, no matter what. Then, I kept running out of cards against bosses. That really screwed me over.
What I do is just try to fill my deck with cards 7 & up as soon as I can. Of course, it takes some time, so for the first bunch of worlds 5's and 6's are acceptable.

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He said to use sleights on normal fights. Once you get Mushu in Hollow Bastion, Sora can Sleight Mega Flare to one-shot everyone in Destiny Islands and most of the enemies in Castle Oblivion(use Trinity Attack for those fights as half of the enemies absorb fire damage, you should be able to get both friend cards if you dodge attacks long enough).


Just going to start up reCOM to get the plat in that. ;)

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