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Is this out? I can't find it on the PSN store, and I thought it wasn't releasing till later in September (the physical version is releasing then anyway).


Either way, I've been semi-following this game for a while, ever since it was announced for Steam. Seems like it's right up my alley, I've been wanting something to scratch that Zoo Tycoon itch for several years now, and while there's been some games that kinda have (like Jurassic World Evolution), I haven't really been able to find anything that emulates the Zoo Tycoon 1 style. This seems like it does it well enough, and the splicing animals mechanic seems interesting.


I remember this being announced for Switch at some point, and waited for that version to release. I'm very happy it's also coming to Playstation now, since that's always my preferred system (though I'll still generally take Switch over PC, if there's no other console options available). Glad to also see this is getting the dinosaur DLC on consoles as well.


The trophies for things like researching 233 things or collecting 200 good/evil points seem like they could be grindy, but I don't know enough about the game to know just how time consuming those are.

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I've been playing it a bit on the Switch and damn, that Map Master trophy is gonna be hard! You pretty much need to base your whole playthrough on getting this one because there's no way it's popping by playing casually. So for reference, I played around 2 hours and just got 1 fully mapped genome, and that's because I was actually trying to get it.


Either way, the game is kinda fun if you like this type of games, or if you like animals like me!

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I got the platinum, the map master trophy is the one that takes the longest. I still had many animals to go after getting all the other trophies. Here's some advice for anyone going for the platinum:


Don't worry about the land owner trophy at all. As you build your zoo that will just come naturally.


Good and evil trophies: I went for good first and then evil.(Will explain later) When planting your trees to counter the C02 of the busses. Put all your trees/plants in one area, when you end up doing your evil playthrough you will be searching through your entire zoo for every plant that you have placed and deleting them and it was just a hassle to find them all.


It is possible to do a good and evil run on the same zoo which is what I did. If I had to do it again I think I would have probably made a second zoo for my evil run though. Morality things such as keeping babies with the parents keep ticking. So if it takes 100 babies staying three days with the parents to get to full good morality, but you keep going, I think the ticker will count passed 100. Meaning when you try to get the evil morality on it you will have to pump out more than 100 babies which will take a while before you start to see the morality go down. This isn't too bad because when you do the map master trophy (which should be your last trophy) you will just be needing to pump babies out as fast as you can.


Building heaps of nurseries and clone machines. This will cut down the time on map master trophy so much. If you do not have animals to put in the nursey cause you donated them or killed them you can just clone more extremally fast with 12 cloning machines.


Abort abort abort. If you see an animal in your nursey that is pregnant and the little icon doesn't have "NEW" over it, then you already have that type of animal and you can just abort it and keep going until they get the right one.


Good playthough is the easiest. Evil playthrough is hit or miss. At one point I was at 199.83 evil morality and couldn't find the last trees and plants that I needed to get rid of. By the time I did find them the trash pollution was the issue. I can't really give any advice on the trash morality as I spent about an hour on it and it would never make it passed half way and then it magically hit 100%. At that point you can pause the game and undo any good things left. For me it was putting the pay down on my employees which changed morality even when the game was paused. I assume this would also work with plants and trees.


Looking back on it I think good playthrough first is the way to go When you reach the end where you just need to get every variant of animal, you will be wanting to pump the babies out as fast as possible. If you leave the good playthrough for last then you will be waiting an extra three days leaving the babies in the nursery which will just add more time to your playthrough. Evil playthrough you can take the babies away from the parents right away and start trying to get another baby going.


Any questions I will be happy to answer

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