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How to unlock PHANTOM PROSPECT assignment


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Hey guys I am not sure everybody knows how to do this so I will tell you how to unlock the secret assignment for "Phantom Prospect":
1- You need to be a premium member (assignment is locked other wise)
2- Go to Battlelog on your pc
3- Click "Leaderboards"
4- Click the "General" Tab
5- You will be taken to a map, if you look at the bottom left corner of the map you will see there is a faint skull, click that and you will be taken to a screen that shows some code lines running
6- it will ask you to input a password it is bumpinthenight then press enter
That's it refresh the page go to assignments and you will now have it unlocked the requirements for it are Score 200 kills with Assault Riffles, Main Battle Tanks and get a headshot at 300 metes.

Hope it helps enjoy the hunt!

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Thank god... i am horrible with snipers and this was going to take ages.

Thanks for the clarification!


Me too! You should try the AMR-2 and M82A3 once! They have multiple versions (usually the difference is the scope) and they are all one-shot kills anywhere! Not to mention the M82A3 is semi-automatic, I love them and always pick them up when I come across any of them. :)

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