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game session country flags.

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Would it be possible to add the country flag to the list of gamers id's in a session?  This would give a rough idea of the time zones involved which may help in some instances,  e.g. timescales in d4d sessions.

I made a similar suggestion a couple of months ago re: timezones and country flags. Sly was going to look into it.
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I think it would be brilliant to have something like that, making things more clear. Definitely a hell of an improvement.


I did a gaming session this month (my first one actually) and while I could go to the profiles of the other players to see their country, I would have liked to see them all in the session.


(We didn't really follow the hour of the session though, I just added the members, played with one when I saw him online, got myself some fine trophies.)

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It would be better to have the timezone, so the flag is not really necessary. There is always the problem of people that don't set their timezones or people like me with a US account but live in South America. The flag wont be of any use there.

I know that some people will have the wrong flag but I think it would be more common to have the wrong timezone. People have little incentive to set it. I've noticed a couple of times that mine has changed but my country flag is always right.  The idea here is not to know the exact time for a user but just to get an idea. I'm in the UK so if I message someone in europe I'll probably hear back during the evening, if the person I message has a US flag it will be overnight.


  Another possible use for the flags is that if, in a sesson, all the flags are Spanish then the in game chat will probably be in Spanish. If this could cause a problem you could clarify it first. I don't do active multiplayer (only d4d and stuff) so I'm not sure if this is ever an issue. 

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