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Snatch & Grab advice?

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I have been playing one of the Charlie missions, Snatch & Grab(solo, veteran) for a couple of hours and there has been no significant progress.

I have watched quite a few youtube videos, but still my personal best is the valley after retrieving intel from the laptop.

Could you, skillful gamers, give me some advice? Is there any good youtube video I haven't watched yet?


By the way, I played a few Delta missions today, Wardriving, Wreckage and Terminal. They were so easy! I could beat them at third or fourth try respectively.  I thought Delta was more difficult than Charlie. I hope the rest is as easy as those three and seriously hope Snatch & Grab is the hardest one.

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I completed this one on Veteran faster than the IW record.


Sounds weird but the easiest way to pass it is to speed run it, I just got help from a youtube video and basically ran down the right side of the map, got the laptop and then ran to the end. Only killing people if I had to in the first area as doing this prevents them from spawning after you jump off the plane into the second section.

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