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S Rank misconceptions

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Unfortunately, I accidently tapped the touch pad before I could take a screenshot, but I was able to S Rank the game even though I had 2 continues and only achieved an A Rank on the Vascillia City Event. I had previously achieved an SS Rank on the Crevice event and only saved 10 times total. My point being, that the S Rank requirements have either changed considerably in the PS4 release or there is in fact a more generous margin for error then even user Geridian pointed out in the edit to the trophy guide.



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The trophy guide is just not right with regard to the overall S rank requirement for this game in general.  You only need SS on both Crevasse and Vascilia if you want an overall grade of SS.  That is not needed for any trophy as you only need the second highest grade which is S.  This is quite easy to do as you can save up to like 19 times, continue 4 times, get A on one event and S on the other and still get S.  It is not difficult at all but the guide isn't correct.

The PS4 version doesn't seem changed at all with regard to how the grading is done to me.

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