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Update 12 - Zephyr Rises


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Update 12: Zephyr Rises


-          Zephyr, the aeronautical Warframe (+ alternate helmet!)

Primary Weapons:

-          Drakgoon Flak cannon!

-          Tetra - A Corpus Rifle!

-          Phage - Infested Primary!

Secondary Weapons:

-          Tysis - Infested Sidearm!
-          Akmagnus- Dual Revolvers!
-          Akstiletto - Tenno Secondary
-          Dual Cestras – Dual wield your Cestras!

Melee Weapons:

-          Jat Kittag - Grineer Melee


Operation Oxium Espionage will be coming soon (Approx 1 PM EST) and on for 7 days!   

Other Additions:

-          Added clarity and exposure to the Stalker/Harvester Systems in game. Two things to note here:

o   When you become eligible to be hunted by either foe, you will know… you will be contacted ... look out.
o   If you are already eligible, their contact cycle will begin once you have faced them and re-qualify.

-          The Harvester’s methods of securing specimens for Alad V have increased in sophistication, look out or you might get... harvested.
-          New in-chat updates about News, Alerts, and Invasions. It’s Mauve Text!
-          Level Expansion – Hunt for the Grineer in the overgrown forests of Earth!
-          New Game Mode – “Interception” Territory Control Mode! This Mission type is making its debut on Earth, check it out where Mobile Defense missions used to be!
-          New Clan Dojo room available - Build Warframes in the Tenno Research Lab.
-          New Clan Dojo Garden room + 8 new decorations!
-          4x new Warframe "Immortal" skins (Volt, Vauban, Saryn, Nova)
-          “Oryx” Oberon Alternate Helmet
-          HUD 2.0 – all new look HUD with expanded informational output!
-          Added 3D character portraits for transmissions! Get ready to see your allies and foes come to life!
-          Improved Mod management – including duplicate mod stacking and auto-install.
-          Enemy Leaders AI – specialized enemy types that spawn with improved stats and ally support abilities.
-          Added Daybreak colour picker to the Market.
-          Added avatar packs for Oberon, Mag Prime, and Frost Prime.
-          Completely reworked the sounds of all Infested Ancients - this is also the first time players will hear the winning sounds as voted on in the Design Council.
-          Polarity Management is here! You can now swap the order of Polarities on your Forma’d gear!
-          Reintroduced “Natural Talent” Mod, play the new Interception missions to find it today!
-          Reintroduced “Dead Eye” Aura to the Alert Pool!
-          “Training” Section now live in the Codex, a helpful area for all things Warframe!
-          Added a Sell All/ Select All button in the context of Mod fusion where stacked mods had to be chosen, now a button does it for you!
-          Added a new option to the Settings screen for "Show Player List". Makes the complete squad list visible by default during gameplay.


-          New Nightmare Alerts: There will be 10 nightmare alerts "per cycle", one for each original nightmare mod.

o   When the Alert is up, it will appear as "Nightmare Mod Located"; the type of mod will be displayed in the Alert info popup.
o   The mission does not have an option, must be played in Nightmare to acquire the Mod indicated.
o   No shields is always the nightmare modifier.
o   These alerts will also be worth double the credits that would normally be given for an alert mission on the selected node.

-          Cicero Crisis clan trophies have arrived! Winning clans will be able to build them in their Dojos shortly now!


The frequency of damage numbers used to be limited by using a minimum damage threshold. Since damage mods increase the rate at which damage accumulates, this would cause damage to be inflicted more often though each damage event would not necessarily be larger. This led to people thinking the mods did nothing because they didn't notice the increased rate at which numbers would appear (an easy mistake for low level damage mods). Similarly, headshots would make numbers appear more often but not necessarily create bigger numbers.

Now continuous fire weapons now limit the frequency of damage numbers by using a minimum time between impacts, regardless of how much damage has accumulated. This gives us a lot more control and should make things more obvious for players who are applying damage mods (it's easier to notice that numbers are 5% larger in magnitude vs being generated 5% faster)”

Warframe Changes:

-          Improved sounds for Nyx’s Psychic Bolts.
-          Saryn’s Moult ability now causes radial damage when it is killed.
-          Valkyr now has 600 base armor.
-          Valkyr’s Hysteria ability now takes weapon damage and crit into consideration.
-          Frost's Freeze now comparable to Ember’s Fireball ability in Damage and Status.
-          Frost’s Avalanche ability now has increased casting speed and damage.
-          Frost’s Snowglobe now has health in the following values as upgraded/fused: 1500,2500,3000,3500.
-          Frost’s Ice Wave now force procs slow (chill).
-          Oberon's Regeneration projectile speed increase.

Weapon Changes:

-          Bow weapons receive 1/3 damage buff + gave charged arrows innate puncture depth.
-          Dread arrows have increased flight speed.
-          Embolist now has increased damage and forced poison proc.
-          Tigris now has improved damage, critical chance, and proc rate.
-          Hek damage increased and more minimum damage added to falloff.
-          Hammer and Staff weapons now ragdoll enemies on charged attacks.
-          Vulkar now has increased damage and proc rate.
-          Latron and Latron Prime now have increased damage.
-          Sentinel Deth Machine Rifle weapon now has 5% crit chance.
-          Flux Rifle now has improved damage and proc rate.
-          Critical Chance and reload speed of bows slightly tweaked.

Aura Changes:

-          Physique Aura rebalanced (+3% Health per level)
-          Steel Charge Aura rebalanced (+10% Damage per level)
-          Rejuvenation Aura rebalanced (+.5% Heal Rate per level).
-          Sprint Boost Aura Rebalanced and re-released into Alert System.  (+2.5% per level, 10% overall).

Void Reward Changes:

- Void Gear completely redistributed, find Prime Drop locations here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/183109-prime-gear-drop-locations/


-          Changes to logic with pickups. Change allows more drops to accumulate by separating the ‘recycle bin’ into to 3 sections:

o   New credits will evict old credits
o   New ammo/health/energy will evict old AHE
o   New resources will evict old resources
Before, new credits could evict the space of old resources, we now have categories.

-          Continued Changes to proc/status logic with Continuous Fire weapons:

o   Their proc/status is now determined per second – the Arsenal will display the “Status per second” value.  Continuous fire weapons that had a weaker proc chance before should be yielding reasonable proc/status per second with this calculation.

-          Increased stagger threshold and made stagger only occur on big hits instead of on accumulated damage; this should prevent situations where Quick Thinking would save you only to let you get knocked down and killed again.
-          Changed enemy scaling for Endless Defense missions at high levels (now wave 100 enemies should be  around level 200 instead of 8000).
-          Improved Faction invasion momentum by periodically increasing score for leading faction by a small amount (since numerous stalemates have emerged which interfered with the flow of the system).
-          Made all Warframe components sellable (1000 CR each).
-          Changed Lotus transmissions to reduce chatter: added delay to Mobile Defense reminders, Heavy Unit transmissions now have a 2 minute cool-down and can occur at most 3 times per mission.
-          Loki’s Invisibility no longer reduces the volume of dialog and music.
-          Changed logic that determines visual representation of damage mods on continuous-fire weapons (eg: Synapse, Ignis, etc).
-          Improvements to Host Election system – when estimating host quality, make more sophisticated client checks.
-          Health Restore item that can be crafted using antitoxins from the Cicero event.
-          Dojo halls now give four times the decoration capacity for rooms.
-          Changed waypoint marking of modules so that marked modules will remove the waypoint marker immediately if all party members pick up the module.
-          Health % for Resource Drone is shown on select screen.
-          Changes to text rendering: added drop shadow to chat text so that it's more legible in-game.
-          Loki can no longer Switch-Teleport Raptor boss.
-          Server-side change on 1/20/2014: More frequent Grineer vs. Corpus invasions. Originally invasion system allowed for 2-5 days of downtime, this has been changed to only allow 1-2 days downtime.
-          Increase odds of Corpus/Grineer attacking multiple targets after conquering a node
-          Terminus, M Prime, and Elion excluded from alerts so brand new players don't get tripped up by them.
-          Updated menu planet/node hint to give specific names (Mercury and Terminus) for new players. Until the player has completed a mission they cannot select a planet other than Mercury.
-          Increase outbreak decay rates a little so they don't bog down an entire planet for days.
-          All Damage Resistance Mods buffed (2% to 10% per level).
-          Void Defense missions are now Endless, they no longer have a set number of waves to complete.
-          Corpus Crewmen Helmets now are destroyed after taking an amount of damage, revealing a head that is open for headshots underneath!
-          Volt and Banshee parts can now be researched in the new Dojo Labs!
-          Trading - Added “trade item changed” notification in trade screen.
-          Trading logic changes: It's no longer "turn based" for the most part, you can change your offer at any time. Only when you accept the trade do you wait, for the other player to accept or make a change. Both players have to accept the current trade before it completes.
-          Reworked menu profile bar to accommodate new boosters.
-          Replaced some ice piles in Corpus Outpost with snow, that were being confused for game play related objects.
-          Further tweaks to radius and occlusion of 3D weapons.
-          Slight reduction in firework's particle count.
-          Lowered max height on Jackal missile volley to avoid detonation in the rafters.
-          Added new Grineer attack animations.
-          Alad V and Lotus transmissions now appear in Jupiter.
-          Toned down the frequency and strength of rumble and alarm sounds in transition levels.
-          Random diorama music cues will now play at login screen.
-          Shortened the duration of the Day/Night cycle to be on 4 hour intervals.
-          Sentinel & Sentinel weapon XP added to login rewards.
-          Reduced audio radius for Ember’s World on Fire ability.
-          Replaced “Naked Nick” with a tinted Tenno Prisoner for the casket defense mode.
-          Visual language cleanup – Orokin Derelict keys now look more like keys.
-          Made some optimizations to several visual FX.
-          Changed survival pickup and capture target objective marker icon.
-          Reloading after the last shot fired is now more responsive.
-          Made the glaive type weapons shrink when "unfocused" in arsenal.
-          Sentinel Mod card duplicate images changed to have unique images.
-          Changes to holster position of polearm weapons on All Warframes to prevent clipping.
-          Tweaks to Boar Prime sounds.
-          Health Orbs now give your Sentinel HP.
-          Orokin Derelict Key Blueprints are now reusable


-          Fixed missing waypoint functionality for custom controls on the PS4.
-          Fixed performance issues in Void missions.
-          Fixed an issue with the bleedout timer getting stuck if the reviving Sentinel was destroyed.
-          Fixed an error message being displayed after changing Network ports.
-          Fixed an issue with not being able to restore default Network ports.
-          Fixed an instance of the 'Where Credit is Due' trophy not getting awarded properly.
-          Fixed login related failures.
-          Fixed an issue with invisible enemy AI on clients.
-          Fixed an instance of players getting looped back into the tutorial after selecting a start Frame.
-          Fixed a loss of functionality related to consecutive Conclave victories.
-          Fixed an error message related to attempting to fuse an equipped mod that would use some of your Aura Energy.
-          Fixed a crash related to attempting to sell weapons currently held by the Harvester.
-          Fixed a key trading exploit.
-          Fixed an color palette related exploit.
-          Fixed an issue with Anti-Moas not appearing on Elara.
-          Fixed a migration related issue where clients would not be able to activate certain consoles in certain levels.
-          Fixed an issue with hosts being unable to revive downed clients.
-          Fixed an issue with players being able to fuse mods higher than their current capacity.
-          Fixed an issue with players being able to equip mods beyond their current capacity.
-          Fixed an issue to mods being displayed incorrectly after being fused.
-          Fixed a number of powers not being effective against Lephantis.
-          Fixed a range issue with Nova's wormhole.
-          Fixed an issue with Banshee's Sonar power not working correctly for clients.
-          Fixed an instance of input being limited after making a selection on certain menus.
-          Fixed an issue with clients not being ability to start a count down timer while in a lobby.
-          Fixed an issue with missing bonus challenges.
-          Fixed an issue with the auto resolve feature not working correctly.
-          Fixed an issue with Warframe stats not displaying correctly when viewed through the selection window.
-          Fixed an issue with holding down the Circle button closing Room Options menus when the button is released
-          Fixed an issue with collapsed social menu obscuring Waframe levels and star chart.
-          Fixed used power names being drawn on screen when powers are used.
-          Fixed the speed at which resources can be contributed while in a dojo.
-          Fixed not being able to rotate frame's while selecting a color from the color palette selection.
-          Fixed all Sentinel Mastery achievements requiring rank 30 to unlock.
-          Fixed an issue with player's getting stuck after opening the arsenal while in a lobby.
-          Fixed a loss of functionality related to binding gear in from the arsenal.
-          Fixed issue with going past Wave 100 in Endless Defense resetting enemy levels and interfering with spawning.
-          Fixed Unranked mods not being tradable.
-          Fixed Platinum earned through trading not being usable in Dojo.
-          Fixed kills made with Ember’s Fire Blast not always counting towards your stats.
-          Fixed Penta energy colour not always applying to grenades.
-          Fixed issue with Rank 3 Weapon Mastery Challenge/Achievement not being updated immediately.
-          Fixed enemy warning transmissions playing when spawning turrets & cameras (the Lotus would say “Robots approaching!” when it was just cameras).
-          Fixed excessive footstep sounds in cases where animation had to catch up with movement.
-          Fixed issue in dojo where a player on the kneeling pad could slide off and be unable to stand up.
-          Fixed fire-rate stats in the arsenal for continuous fire-weapons so you can correctly interpret the magazine size.
-          Fixed issue with Volt being unable to melee if Overload was active or lingering.
-          Fixed issue with Reactor Room door floating in dojo.
-          Prevented being able to consume your last remaining Warframe Ability mod when using Transmute.
-          Fixed mods such as Coolant Leak not being transmutable and also triggering the safety net that prevents from fusing away your last one.
-          Fixed Fusion Cores being eligible for Transmute when selected in first slot.
-          Fixed Capture alert missions not working as intended (would pick a random mission type when launched).
-          Fixed Raptor missing from Corpus boss kill stats.
-          Fixed Saryn’s Molt facing the wrong way and part of the effect not lasting its duration.
-          Fixed Grineer Rollers not causing any stagger or damage on attacks.
-          Fixed squad remaining full even though a player crashed/lost connection during gameplay.
-          Fixed Titan Extractors showing wrong health values.
-          Fixed issue where Capture target could perma-death himself and prevent mission completion.
-          Fixed hitch in the Dojo whenever a room with lots of decorations is refreshed.
-          Fixed “rogue, giant water planes in the Void”.
-          Fixed hosts being able to consume the same Void key that was used to initiate the lobby when building a Derelict Dragon key in the Foundry.
-          Fixed death-trap in Orokin derelicts
-          Fixed Private messages not staying in proper order when going into and out of missions.
-          Fixed issue where host election would not work after going back to a lobby.
-          Fixed occasional capture target trapped being trapped in ceiling in the Void.
-          Fixed clients scanning without zooming in.
-          Fixed issue with enemies not spawning in Corpus Gas Cities unless certain rooms were entered.
-          Fixed Sentinel Stinger weapon not using energy colour on its hit effects
-          Fixed Arsenal's "auto-resolve" feature failing to resolve Mod conflicts between equipped Warframes and Sentinels.
-          Fixed Immortal Skins sometimes not appearing during game play
-          Fixed performance issues when using Vauban's Vortex in situations with high enemy counts.
-          Fixed door collision in Grineer Galleon that would block projectiles when shooting through the door.
-          Fixed trading race condition on initial offer.
-          Fixed trading Platinum being offered by both players.
-          Fixed "Trades Remaining" not updating when it is refilled on login.
-          Fixed beam FX registration for Synapse and Spectra.
-          Fixed issue where stats were not updating for the selected Warframe that is being compared to the equipped.
-          Fixes to scarf physics.
-          Fixed animations for the Spectra reload.
-          Fixed holster positions of Cernos for multiple Warframes.
-          Fixed multiple issues where meshes were intruding other areas (tilesets invading eachother).
-          Fixed misnamed dojo props.
-          Fixed Sentinel weapons that lose their mods when they are revived after death.
-          Fixed enemy melee types that could hit the player twice in one swing.
-          Fixed some issues with cover and AI navigation across all maps.
-          Fixed the Galantine not having elemental FX on its blade.
-          Fixed a deadzone in the melee sweeps, which could cause attacks to miss where the enemy's full body collision started roughly where the player's hand is.
-          Fixed minimap for multiple Orokin Void rooms.
-          Fixed destroy sounds on breakable fan and vent covers.
-          Fixed some issues related to elevator door hints on mini-map.
-          Fixed the Grineer asteroid floating cryopod bug in Mobile Defense.
-          Fixed the cryopod doors being triggered more than once by solo players.
-          Fixed Jackal not dropping Mods when defeated.
-          Fixed missing squad chat tab that was unavailable in-game.
-          Fixed some bugs related to the codex.
-          Fixed NPCs on clients to now play exit-cover transitions properly.
-          Fixed some zipline activation and landing points in multiple tile sets.
-          Fixed teleport script still getting players in falling loops.
-          Fixed Operations panel not automatically appearing when goal/invasion arrives.
-          Fixed an issue where weapon attachments wouldn't update when cloaked.
-          Fixed an issue where selecting a core after starting fusion mode would let you fuse into a fusion core.
-          Fixed an issue with the Tigris where having an odd number of bullets could cause the reload animation to play twice.
-          Fixed weapon holster positions of many weapons across many Warframes.
-          Fixed multi-boss intro cinematics on clients.
-          Fixed Galatine clipping when jogging, jumping, or running.
-          Fixed NPCs  from making noise when they shoot themselves - now they will only bark if an ally shoots them.
-          Fixed the issue where disarmed enemies would not attack the player or the core in defense missions.
-          Fixed Master Thief mod ceasing to function after a host migration.
-          Fixed character rotation errors that occur when moving between menu screens.
-          Fixed a number of repeating and incorrect Lotus lines.
-          Fixed display of crit-rate and crit-multiplier for projectile weapons (it was showing values lower than were actually being used).
-          Fixed issue where player names did not appear in chat when players join or leave a match.
-          Fixed ‘Kill remaining enemies’ message from appearing after a host migration during the claim screen.
-          Fixed issue where Clients were not seeing Critical damage indicators if their shots were lethal as critical indicators were not shown if the enemy had no chance at surviving the shot.
-          Fixed the Sentinels sometimes not behaving like they had precepts installed.
-          Fixed issues where mods increasing magazine capacity did nothing.
-          Fixed reward tier not being set for players who didn’t add a toxin to the injector in earth Sabotage missions, as well as fixed screen not turning red for clients.
-          Fixed issues with text on Lephantis Transmissions.
-          Fixed Zoom Out option vanishing forever if you back out of a diorama in Solo mode.
-          Fixed missing minimap in Jungle Tileset from Cicero Crisis.
-          Fixed issue with Client not getting capture progress when battling.
-          Fixed Vauban’s Vortex not ragdolling enemies.
-          Fixed multi-boss fights not working (Phobos).
-          Fixed issue where client’s destroying an enemy’s armor would not be considered by the host.
-          Fix for issues loading Earth missions where on clients in long load scenario.
-          Fixed and implemented preventive measures for this issues of AI falling into water basins in defense map
-          Fixed issue where enemies requiring extermination were not being marked.
-          Fixed issue with enemies potentially spawning in floor.
-          Fixed issue where Survival missions could be failed if you were in the process of reviving/ being revived.
-          Fixed a collision issue in Mobile Defense levels (e.g. Kappa) that could lead to players becoming permanently stuck.
-          Fixed all Shuriken Proficiency achievements requiring rank 30 to unlock
-          Fixed inability to launch alert mission after selecting ACCEPT on the alert info pop-up
-          Fixed loss of functionality after finishing a Conclave match
-          Fixed all Sentinel Mastery achievements requiring rank 30 to unlock
-          Fixed players getting stuck in the Capture Target's room if they failed to hacked the same control panel that was used by the Target
-          Fixed mission countdown spontaneously starting when using Void Keys
-          Fixed Trinity's Link becoming unusable if no enemy targets can be found after casting
-          Fixed issues where Vauban’s Tesla could cause a crash. We have optimized the FX of this power for performance and stability, it may look a bit different!
-          Fixed continuous fire weapons not being able to damage Sabotage Reactors or other “environment” pieces.
-          Fixed team health restores not working for sentinels.



Also brings two new trophies:

:silver:  MerchantSell 10000 credits' worth of items.

:bronze:  Where Credit is DueEarn 100000 Credits

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Now one thing I wonder. (have to say I haven't played this game a lot just yet, but like it very much so far)

How do you get this new class?


I can only find the Blueprint in the Market, which can only be bought with Platinum... and, to be honest, I refuse to buy platinum (have you seen the prices of platinum packs? Redicilous!)...


How can I obtain new Warframes? (and even better, how do I get matterials for them... )

I do have one blueprint for some Warframe (which I did not need platinum for), but have no idea where to get the matterials for it...

Or do they come later in the game? (or rare drops or something...)


Bottom line is... my current class is not the class I wanted to play. But since I cannot find a way to start a new character, I have to find a way to make / build the new Warframe...

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Now one thing I wonder. (have to say I haven't played this game a lot just yet, but like it very much so far)

How do you get this new class?


I can only find the Blueprint in the Market, which can only be bought with Platinum... and, to be honest, I refuse to buy platinum (have you seen the prices of platinum packs? Redicilous!)...


How can I obtain new Warframes? (and even better, how do I get matterials for them... )

I do have one blueprint for some Warframe (which I did not need platinum for), but have no idea where to get the matterials for it...

Or do they come later in the game? (or rare drops or something...)


Bottom line is... my current class is not the class I wanted to play. But since I cannot find a way to start a new character, I have to find a way to make / build the new Warframe...

Warframe components normally drop from bosses and the Blueprint is bought from the Market for 100,000 credits. You need the Helmet, Systems, Chassis, and Blueprint to make the warframe. So you collect the blueprints for Helmet, Systems, Chassis; then build those (12 hours each). Then you build the warframe using the Blueprint (3 days). The individual Wiki pages tell you where you can obtain the pieces: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Warframes

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