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Sony, Panasonic unveil Archival Disc for long-term digital storage

Lady Lilith

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Sony and Panasonic have teamed up to provide a new option for those looking to leverage long-term digital storage.

Starting next year, the companies will offer theArchival Disc, a high-capacity disc capable of storing 300GB of data. Over time, Sony and Panasonic plan to improve the offering, upping its storage to 500GB and then 1TB.

According to the companies, the Archival Disc will be a write-once, dual-sided-recording media. The companies, which worked together to get Blu-ray off the ground, say that the effort is a response to growing data-recovery needs and the relative reliability of disc media.

The companies didn't say exactly when the technology will launch in 2015, but said to expect Archival Disc to launch in the summer.





1TB of storage compared to what, 50GB now?  :holy: Imagine the games

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1TB of storage compared to what, 50GB now?  :holy: Imagine the games



Hahaha! YES! Just imagine what a game will look like as it tries to utilize a 1TB Disc alone.

We're seeing a beauty in a less than 50GB game data..what more on 1TB.


Perhaps, Mark Cerny is on to something again..  :rolleyes:  and I wouldn't be surprise either!  :yay: Let's GO SONY!! #4dplayers



Cheers! #goodvibes  :highfive: 


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I can't imagine them properly utilizing this space for games for a long time. If anything, maybe for 4k graphical data, but it'll more than likely be used solely for data storage and 4k movies for the next five years or so.

That said, I'm surprised that this thread hadn't been made days ago. xD

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