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Hitman 2 Legacy content


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Ok try this,

i installed hitman 1 and hitman 2 without dlc on my ps5.


in playstation menu select hitman 2 and press options button. Select manage game content and select the content you want to install.

In my case i downloaded showstopper. It worked, I can play.

Maybe it works without installing Hitman 1.

Just select hitman 2 in the playstation menu and press the options button. Select manage game content and maybe the legacy content will show up without installing hitman 1.


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Hi! I'm so sorry you two are having issues. It's good that IOI has been made aware. Hopefully, you'll get some direct feedback soon.


I just checked my own HITMAN 2 content (I'm in North America), and I'm still able to access all of my Legacy DLC content, and it's all still installed properly / accessible. I'm not sure if it's a regional thing. And, I know what I'm about to ask seems obvious. So, I apologize in advance. But, did you try re-starting the game? There have been a couple times where my content hasn't shown as expected because I had issues connecting to the HITMAN servers. If you did, and you're still missing content, do either of the following apply?:


  • Is your PSN ID linked to an IOI account? If so, you should be able to log into your IOI account HERE, and you will be shown a list of the HITMAN games that are associated with your PSN ID. It will also show the dates that the games were "added" to your account. It won't show you DLC content, but it'll give you an idea of what IOI thinks you own in terms of the main games.


  • Did you originally download the Legacy pack content via the HITMAN 1 store? ( I.E. - You had to have HITMAN 1 installed on your PS4 and have redeemed the legacy pack through the in-game store, which would have then sent you to the usual PSN storefront). If you followed the prompts correctly before the 26th, you should have already downloaded the Legacy Pack from the PSN store before it was removed, and it should still be in your PS Library for the PS4. Check to see if they've been installed on your system, and, if not, you can always re-install them if they've been downloaded before. If they don't appear as add-ons for HITMAN 2, they may be listed under HITMAN 1. (I know, it doesn't make sense. But, it's worth checking. That's where they show up for me.)


Again, this may not fix this issue. But, I hope it helps a little while you wait for a more official response. Also, feel free to try out what @sma_online suggested, too.

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I noticed Hitman 2 and DLC disappeared recently from my purchased library the other day on PS app, it is recently now appearing. Hitman 1 is there but no DLC to download, I own the GOTY edition. So seems they stuffed up a bit with packaging all of this content for world of assassination. Hopefully it's back for everyone. 


One other strange thing is that it's is now saying I own Hitman 3 when I only own the standalone version of H1 and H2.

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