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The special one?

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I’m guessing it’ll be based on how many times youve won manager of the month rather than what you’ve won competition wise. 

Manager of the year is based on pound for pound having the best management performance in premier league. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing the more times you’ve won manager of the month, the more likely you are to pop this trophy. Really don’t think it’s got anything to do with how many competitions your team win

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I finally got it in my second season with Paris, on the first season at City there were no rewards, neither for me nor for another coach, I checked by simulating another season and yes Ten Hag won this.

So if you don't have anything in the first year, just do a second, but with PSG it seems to work from season number 1

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According to a post I read in the trueachievements forum it seems like you can't get manager of the year if you go on holiday. You can still sim individual games but if you sim the calendar it seems to stop the trophy from unlocking

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