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No longer able to log into PSN on Vita


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Hi ! 

Sorry for my english since it's not my mother tongue. 

I had an issue with my PS Vita, was kick from PSN a few days ago, try to connect, it asked me the password device with the QR code. 

I've tried a lot of time, nothing worked, was sticked in a infinite loop each time... ?

I've searched an answer here and on google, tried to call Playstation wich seems to be closed here in France. 

I've formated the PS Vita many times... Not worked. 

I've changed my password on PSN... Not worked. 

I've activate the double authentification... Not worked. 

I've try to login with an alt account (NA) wich idk why works first try. ?

I've formated again but won't let me connect with my main account (EU) ?. 

I've spent 4 hours with that issue ??

Finally I try to change my wifi setting to the shared connection with my mobile device and it worked first try ???

Don't ask me why but it worked. 

The weird thing is that it worked with my alt account on the wifi network I used with no result with my main account. 

Hope this help people that have this kind of problem. 

Vita Power !! 


A few hours later... 

Disconnected from PSN... Same loop QR code create a password device... QR Code... 

WTF ??? 

This time the wifi network trick don't work. 

I don't know what to do... It's a shame that stupid update !! 


A few hours later... 

Finally managed to volve the problem by activating the 2 steps authentification. 

Wich is not necessary with my NA account ?

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On 8.2.2023 at 9:52 AM, Warius34 said:

A few hours later... 

Finally managed to volve the problem by activating the 2 steps authentification. 

Wich is not necessary with my NA account 1f914.png


A bit late answer but:


  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation VITA
  • Playstation TV (PSTV)

All  3 System considered now as Legacy Consoles for Sony. And you need to access to the PSN always the two steps authentification way.

This will ONLY nessassary if you log in after a certain Amount of Time, last visit you that Device. I think its all 6 Months but i have no Idea.

Its not that hard you can use a QR Code Can on your Smartphone Camera App or simple input the hyperlink on the Page Sony shows.

It generate a random passsword and it should save it automatically on that Console. I need do that way for all my Retro Consoles.

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Thanks for your message. 

But why don't they say it clearly?? 

The first time I used the QR code (at least 6 MONTH ago) on vita and PS3 it worked first try.

I never have actived the 2 steps authentification on my App or Ps5 before, today is the first time. 

On my NA account it worked without that, just scan the QR code with my phone, enter the code on the vita and login. 

I've spent a lot of time before finding a solution... I was about throwing the vita through the window. 

Gaming is for entertainment not headache ?



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Sony have not say much about this. After a certain Time you will need do this again.


On your Account Settings on Sony Network Service Website (or app) you also notice a increasing number of this random generated passwords.

I have now 4 but status semms not active. I think it not work as smooth as they have planned, but when you have change the password trought the two steps authentification way

it will work again.At least for a certain time.

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You can also log in with this method (no QR-code)


  1. Go to www.playstation.com and log in.
  2. Navigate to the "Account Settings"
  3. Navigate to "Security"
  4. Click on "Generate or Manage Device Setup Passwords
  5. Click on "Generate New Password"
  6. Log into the device with your account email and the randomized password shown in the field the arrow is pointing to (empty in this screenshot)
  7. Verify/authenticate the device if necessary on the device. (Sometimes you need to do this before playing games on devices you have never used or not used in awhile).
  8. Enjoy your PlayStation Device
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