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I am currently at 21/23 songs, i still need "Dark Steering" and "Ms. Crumby" (two of the songs that must be hacked). I have run arount the map for quite some time now but i usually only encounter people with bank accounts and occasionally communicating with criminals. Hell i've found mutiple people who reaveal the location of a item of interest but no songs this far. I've also tried going back to main menu and restart the game but that did't work so far (perhaps i'm doing it wrong?) and the method with driving around the 4 newsstands near the upper right corner on the map also didn't work (the songs seem to change randomly but after multiple hours those songs did still not show up). Is there any way to cheese this? Like a friend who has the song joining the game and playing it in a car and me using the song sneak app? Or are there places where it is more likely for an NPC with music to spawn? 

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Honestly, you might have heard this a lot but it all comes down to luck. I spent a very long time looking for the last 2 songs as well, I think the game somehow knew I was looking for them so lowered the spawn rate of the songs xD there is no other way to get them I'm afraid, even if a friend has them. You have to get them from a pedestrian (at least I did anyway) This probably wasn't the answer you wanted but that's just how it is.

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2 hours ago, Ravie_HD said:

Oh wow. I run around for hours not finding anything. Then I ask for help, decide to do the drinking games and profile anyone on the way there. And within 30 minutes i find both songs. Guess I did get lucky after all

Hahaha so glad to hear that! these kinds of trophies are the some of the worst.

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So i started playing the game again on the ps3 this time. I decided that instead of playing through the story i would get the 20 non-story songs as soon as possible, so after the first mission i immediately went to the long beach prommenade and ran up and down, after running the complete length i quit, started the game again and did the same thing. Within 6 runs i had collected 17 of the songs (so around 3-2 per run), after that they became harder to find and i found on average one every 2 runs. In total i needed around 14 runs i think with i believe 5 minute each so around 1h. I remember that when i tried the same strat on the ps4 it didnt work. I'm not sure if its because different versions, i just got lucky (don't think so, 3 songs per run maybe once but 6 i got it times). Maybe they get rarer later on in the story or maybe its because of the skill that highlights npcs with good rewards (aka money and hacks - could be that the skill causes more of them and less of the songs to spawn)

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