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Online/APEX Difficulties


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So no matter what I try, everytime I load up the game I am unable to connect to servers which prevent me from using the strike teams. I've already made it to the Nexus and got authority from the turian guy but haven't made it to the tempest yet because I realized that I couldn't get the strike teams to be sent out. Does anyone know if this is now a prevalent problem? If the wiki lied to me and that I need to be farther in the game? Or if I need to find something else wrong in settings or my system?

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So I ended up finding the answer on reddit. What ended up happening is that my EA account and my PlayStation account expired on the connection between the two of them somehow. The way to fix it ended up being to sign in to EA using PlayStation. I was able to do this by downloading the free Mass Effect APEX app on my phone, the person on Reddit was able to do it using Battlefield 5. So it should be possible for anyone to keep going on these acheivements.

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