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Best World Ever-Literally


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If you use this seed, 1181620986, you will get a lot of easy trophies. If the spawn points are at the same place every time, you'll spawn at the edge of a jungle, bordering a taiga. When you come to a frozen pond, turn left and there will be a cave system. easy for the trophy, DIAMONDS!!! Also a few dungeons so easy, "When Pigs Fly" trophy. But the hardest one to get I'm sure, are the, "Return to sender," and, "Into Fire." Now I'm not sure if Nether's are spawned according to seeds, or if it depends on portal placement. But if they do go by seeds and portal placement doesn't matter, you will spawn right in front of a nether fortress! But like I said, I don't know if spawn points are the same or if nether's are based off seeds or portal placement. Hope I helped!   

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On 3/24/2014 at 11:06 PM, amebapiko said:

The tutorial level is probably just as good


The tutorial world is the best at getting the majority of trophies in the entire game.  Use a survival world just as a backup if there are any other random trophies you need to pick up.  Yet again, nearly everything can be attained in the Tutorial World.

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