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Joel empathy and the ending (spoiler warning!)


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OK, so a friend and I were discussing the end and we had very different viewpoints on it.

He felt that Joel was a selfish sociopath. He put the future of the human race in front of his own needs. He lied to Ellie and doomed everyone. He also completely exterminated a group of people who's only goal was to save the world. Psycho. All these are completely valid points.

Here's my take. I've never felt so in-the-head of a videogame character before. When I heard that they had to kill Ellie to get at the cure, I wanted every single Firefly DEAD for wanting to kill MY Ellie. I walked through that hospital on a mission. I felt no regret while doing it and when I finally got her out I felt no regret. I felt like she was my little girl and I needed to protect her. From everything. I also felt sick when they were walking through the woods during the final scene. Not because of what I had done. But that I had to lie to her.

Opinions? Psychopath or concerned father figure?

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