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PSA on Truth Quest Tower Quests


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So I rage quit several times when starting the Truth Quest questline because I couldn't manage to grab grenades and hit the top of the towers after many attempts. I ran across a tip elsewhere that allowed me to complete them with ease and I figured I'd post in case others have the problem. 


Anyway easiest way I found was to switch to shadows/poison tail so you can throw poision orbs at things. If you step away from the tower a bit and angle up you can spam the tail swipe to hit the top of the tower over and over again and slowly break it down. At most I had to spend 2 passes at the each tower because I ran out of oxygen and had to hit the water and come back.


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The trick with the grenades, and any throwable items, is keeping the bite button (R2 by default) held down to grab them and then keeping the tail whip button (L1 by default) held down to aim. When the reticule changes to a green crosshair, you can let go of L1 to throw.


I was losing my mind during this quest since I hadn't played the main game since it came out on PS+ however long ago, but once I figured out the controls it became easy. Throwing becomes really useful later on in the DLC too once you start fighting helicopters and the bigger naval ships.

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