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Potentially game breaking bug on pyramid.

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Just warning anyone playing this game do not manually save atop the pyramid. 


I had everything done with this game besides the trials & associated hat rewards, so I cooked a handful of food items for the trial & saved my game on the pyramid so I could jump right in. Well, I can no longer access the main menu. When I start up the game, get to the "press any button" screen, it never opens the menu for my save games. 


I've tried un/reinstalling the game (even tried on ver. 1.00) & no luck. The game menu will only appear if I delete my save file. I experienced no crashes or issues with the game up until this point. Only thing I can think was it was my last manual save on the pyramid. Better safe than sorry & let the game auto save. 


Unfortunately for me, I've got an old save file that'll only save me a few hours replaying the story (that part I don't mind, it's a nice game). But I hope I can just redo the hat collecting for the Collector's trophy & not all those items again. 


Update 07/14/2023:

Can confirm The Collector trophy did not unlock after obtaining the hats. All items have to be collected on the same save file.

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1 hour ago, KenMarinaris said:

Hi, do u recommend this game? Maybe it is not a bad idea to upload saves to the PSN cloud frequently?

No, the game is a buggy, boring mess that requires a lot of tedious micromanagement to get anywhere fast. Also, the PS5 version is unPlatinumable but the devs don't care about fixing it :(.

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13 hours ago, KenMarinaris said:

Damn, I expected too much then. Even worse, I already bought a physical copy for less than 5 pounds thinking it would nice stress-free title. Thanks for making me aware of it.


Geez, looks good on YT though... :(


My final collectible trophies did end up unlocking & I earned the platinum, but I had to collect everything again. 


I'd recommend it as a chill game if potentially not being able to platinum it didn't bother you. Maybe just rely on the game's auto save feature. 


The farming simulator & harvesting parts get easier the further you go in the story. I think I spent a couple in game days just tending my farm, harvesting materials, & making stew for the crew to boost their friendship level & unlock more perks. After that it was simple enough not to stress over materials. Plus, once the arena is unlocked, going for those trophies nets a decent amount of items as well. 


I still liked the game even after this mess (the copy I played was a PS4 physical if that makes any difference. I've not played a PS5 version).

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