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Editing my Game Session Issues

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I have been trying to edit my game session countless times because it's not saving what I type.

This is causing me a lot of frustration. When I hit save, its always missing the bottom few lines of my session details.

This is AASF!. Should only take me 5 seconds. Please help. Thanks

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2 hours ago, FilmFanatic said:

Looks like there might be a character limit for the message you can add to it and that’s why it’s being cut off.

That was my first thought. But I tested it a few times, by removing a large amount of my session text, but the problem remains.


I will edit my session right down to see what happens. Really annoying. Lol


Edit - Removed alot of the text, but found out that using the BOLD text option was messing up my post.


All good now, thanks, FF.

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